Ghost – شبح


GHOST – شبح


 In cinemas: 28th July 2022

It is about an old conflict about heritage (very old house). In order to sell the house, all members of the family should gather in the house, the grandmother obliges all members to execute this condition as per the will. The adventure begins as all family members travel from Abu Dhabi and Al Ain to the big house. And there, mysterious events happen, and they face a ghost lives in the house try scaring them and stopping them from selling the house.

Duration: 100min

Genre: Horror, Thriller, Comedy.

Written & Directed by: Amer Salmeen Al Murry

Producer: Amer Salmeen Al Murry

Stars: Mariam Sultan, Abdelah Al Junaibi, Alaa Shaker, Hmeed al Awadi, Khaled Alnuaimi, Mayed Al Bloushi
Four new actors to UAE cinema: Kano Al Kendy, Rehab Al Mheiri ,Lobna Alhasan and Rasem Hamdan.
A special appearance from Algerian award-winning actor: Jilali Boujemaa. 

Language: dialogue in Arabic, subtitles in English.